Radipole Park & Gardens
Welcome to the website for Weymouth’s Radipole Park & Gardens run by the Friends group of the park.
A lime green wooden palette lying on the ground containing various discarded items including a blue bag and newspapers.

Some Knock You Down…Others Pick You Up. Weymouth’s Wonderful Community.

As you might know from the lengthy ramblings on our Radipole gardens Face Book pages and a sizeable piece in the Dorset Echo this week. Our beautiful Radipole Gardens was hit during late last Saturday night by some mindless person/people, who for some unknown reason left a trail of damage through our beautiful gardens. The main notice board took the biggest hit...

Vintage black and white photo of two individuals walking beside a flooded area during wet and windy weather, with an old car parked on the roadside, trees and open fields in the background.

Warning!; Wet & Windy Weather; Radipole Park 1955-2012

 Wet & Windy Weather. I spend some of my time researching old images, and often come across real gems, albeit  by mistake. (Also makes it very hard not to go off on a tangent!) Such was the case over the weekend when someone posted a wonderful photo of old Weymouth. Intrigued I hastened over to the site and uncovered a wealth of Weymouth images going way back in history. Prompted by todays less than springtime weather, I though these very apt.     Flooding of Radipole Park Drive in 1955. The only reason I remember this date is because it was the year I was born and my Mum always...

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