Radipole Park & Gardens
Welcome to the website for Weymouth’s Radipole Park & Gardens run by the Friends group of the park.

Hayley and her Hedgehogs; Why Protecting our Wildlife Really Matters

Here at Radipole we have our own identity that we are very proud of. Sometimes referred to as the Cinderella gardens of Weymouth, beautiful but secreted away in the town's proverbial back kitchen means that these gardens are a quiet green oasis away from the hustle and bustle of a busy sea side resort. Not only that but we are lucky enough to run side by side with Radipole lake and its bird reserve, making this space a perfect wildlife haven. Something we are committed to improving....

Warning!; Wet & Windy Weather; Radipole Park 1955-2012

 Wet & Windy Weather. I spend some of my time researching old images, and often come across real gems, albeit  by mistake. (Also makes it very hard not to go off on a tangent!) Such was the case over the weekend when someone posted a wonderful photo of old Weymouth. Intrigued I hastened over to the site and uncovered a wealth of Weymouth images going way back in history. Prompted by todays less than springtime weather, I though these very apt.     Flooding of Radipole Park Drive in 1955. The only reason I remember this date is because it was the year I was born and my Mum always...

The Ground Beneath your Very Feet…

As a continuation of the history of Radipole park and gardens, here's a couple more photos from the 1930's showing their construction. Pictured below is the partly infilled, swampy land, and the original, very much shorter, Alexander Bridge, with Hanover Road running off into the distance and Lyndhurst Terrace facing the the tracks. Most of  the garden's were formed with the dredging of Weymouth's estuary floor, redeposited via pump to infill the ground. Only problem was, it wasn’t filling it quite quick enough. The solution? It also became the town’s tip. Unfortunately, those frequent dumpings of debris brought with them a certain noxious aroma! Definitely not one that local residents...

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