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A lime green wooden palette lying on the ground containing various discarded items including a blue bag and newspapers.

Some Knock You Down…Others Pick You Up. Weymouth’s Wonderful Community.

As you might know from the lengthy ramblings on our Radipole gardens Face Book pages and a sizeable piece in the Dorset Echo this week. Our beautiful Radipole Gardens was hit during late last Saturday night by some mindless person/people, who for some unknown reason left a trail of damage through our beautiful gardens.

The main notice board took the biggest hit…literally!

Damaged notice boards Radipole gardens March 2019

(Photos thanks to Linda Stevenson and her faithful companions Mollie and Bruce)

It was ripped right out of the ground, posts broken, then not content with that they hauled out a rock from besides the path and smashed its glass door to pieces.

From there they attacked the Princess Diana flower beds, attempting to rip out metal towers that are smothered in clematis during the summer months. No lightweight items,  embedded into the ground with huge bases of concrete.

Damaged towers Radipole gardems March 2019

To topple them over onto their sides they must have attacked with some force and determination.

Then this/these miscreants, heading for home I should imagine, travelled to Alexander bridge where they overturned bins and more shattered glass was found strew around. What possesses a person to do this goodness only knows. To say that we, as the committee were angry and upset is no exaggeration. Goodness only knows how the park’s gardener and parks department must have felt at this unprovoked attack on one of their precious green spaces.

It sometimes rocks your faith in human nature and question why you do what you do, fund raising to help improve our local green space for the whole community.

BUT…and it’s a very big BUT, Weymouth’s wonderful community responded instantly with their usual generosity. No sooner had the piece been in the paper than we started to receive offers of help from local businesses and individuals. I have no qualms in sharing some of their details on here as I think their good deeds should not go unnoticed.

More news will follow soon on other offers of help.

So a very big thank you to…

You do your community proud.



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