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A sunlit park with lush green grass, scattered wildflowers, and birch trees, with a blurred background featuring park benches and strolling visitors.

Nurture Nature Reaps Benefits in Radipole Gardens

Keen to know what's happening in my surrounding area, I have to confess that I follow a lot of local Facebook groups. On one particular page there was an ongoing, somewhat heated, debate about why hadn't the council got out and cut the grass in community areas. As it so happened, a few days previous I had been sat opposite the lady who is in charge of the Weymouth parks and she was on the phone to someone who was also questioning why the grass cutters weren't out and about. She was patiently trying to explain that due to the prolonged spell of wet weather we had...

Snow-covered path with trees on the side, a green notice board, and a black litter bin near a park.

Nurture Nature is on a Roll and Wildlife Will Win.

Even though we're supposed to be on the cusp of Spring, I'm sat here at my desk, clad in multiple layers, gas fires blasting out much welcome warmth, the Easterly winds's howling a hoolie and snow lies deep on the ground. Yet there is more to come so they say from this Beast from the East. I take heart though from the fact that in 6 weeks time the sun will be a'shining, the weather will be kind and bestow great warmth on our Nurture Nature and Welcome Wildlife event. ********* So grab a warming cuppa Settle down by a blazing fire. Sneak an early hot cross bun If that's what you...

Close-up of witch hazel flowers in bloom, featuring twisted, yellow-orange petals on bare branches, with blurred greenery in the background.

A Walk in the Park

So fed up with the grey and gloomy days, it was literally a breath of fresh air to see the sun in the sky once more. Garbed in numerous layers of warm clothing it was time to venture forth and see what's happening down in the gardens. The first things that caught my eye were the little crocus braving the cold winds, though it maybe wasn't quite warm enough to persuade them to open fully. But as anyone knows...

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