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Weymouth Neighbourhood plan

Don’t Miss Out; Community Wise We Can All Make a Difference; 2022

So often you see folk grumbling about this and that, especially on social media. Well, hows about this. Add your voice! Social media is a mixed blessing, but without doubt it helps reach so many more people in the community. I know there's some out there who don't have the technology, the knowhow, or even the will to use it, that's why face to face consultations are also being held....

A close-up of a colorful soccer ball resting against a white net on a grassy field.

Parks For All; Getting Out & Getting Fit; Walking Football

We have our annual Wildlife & Wellbeing event this coming Saturday, 4th May in Radipole Gardens. This year we are combining forces with Picnic in the Park which is all about getting people in the outdoors and doing. A message we're keen to get across, how immersing  yourself in nature and enjoying the great outdoors has all manner of benefits, both physical and mental, for everyone. At this year's event you'll not only be able to chat to those who care for our wildlife and wonderful nature, you'll also come across plenty of ideas of activities you can do outside that could massively improve your wellbeing. We...

A person creating a circle of sparks with a spinning wire wool at night, standing under a cascade of fiery sparks.

Wow Wow Wow and Wow Again…10,000 Hits and Growing Fast

What can we say but a huge thank you to all our followers. We've literally just passed our goal of 10,000 hits! Make sure you follow us to see what's happening in our wonderful park and gardens. This year is going to be a real goodie. Lots going on. We'll be submitting stage II of our Parks for People Heritage Lottery bid and it'll be fingers, toes and everything crossed then that we succeed, it certainly won't be through lack of effort or trying! We'll be making a start on the Sensory Garden working in conjunction with tutors and students of Kingston Maurward. This will be a real...

Free activities Radipole gardens 2023

Take a Walk on the Wildside; Fun and Frolics in Radipole Gardens

Things are coming together nicely now for our next event in Radipole Gardens on Saturday 4th May 11-3pm.   Working in partnership with Natural Choices, Stepping into Nature and Active Ageing our wildlife event this year is going to be bigger and better. It's long been known that time spent in the great outdoors has many benefits. Communing with nature, wildlife and a bit of tree hugging never did anyone any harm. In fact it's been proven to be not only beneficial for our physical but also mental health. This years event has so much to offer people of all ages, all interests and activity levels and its free...

Black and white historical photo showing the hard tennis courts at melcombe regis gardens, with a fence in the foreground and a building in the background.

People Share Some Wonderful Memories

We often get links and pieces sent to us via our site and we appreciate every single one of them. They all add to our archives and enrich our living history. Such was the case last week when this wonderful piece popped up in my mails, though sadly no e-mail address with it to thank the sender. Below is what I received as it was written. I have added a couple of photos for those who are too young to remember it as it was or maybe like myself need something to jogs zee leettle grey cells as Poirot was fond of reciting. *** 'William Craven & The...

Colorful flyer advertising a tabletop sale at radipole park & gardens on january 19th from 10 am to noon, featuring illustrations of people shopping and text highlights.

Ringing in the New; Radipole Gardens Events 2019

We would like to hope that all our followers enjoyed their festive holiday and will go on to have a very Happy and Healthy New. This will be a very busy and important year for the Friends of Radipole Park and Gardens group. 2019 will see us continue working on phase II of our Parks for People Heritage Lottery Bid to be submitted by the end of this year. Many hours of work goes on behind the scenes by both the Friends volunteers and members of local government on this project, from researching and customer surveys, to documenting figures and arranging walk-in consultations. But of course that...

Poster for a community event discussing proposed plans for radipole park, featuring an image of a park, event details, and logos of sponsors.

Your Opinions Matter on Wildlife in Radipole Park and Gardens

As part of our lottery bid, because of course its something very close to our hearts anyway, we would love to hear peoples opinions on what we can do to help the biodiversity of our beautiful green space. This is open invitation to anyone who would love to come along and hear what the future holds for all manner of flora and fauna  in Radipole Park and Gardens. Join us at 7pm on Thursday 15th November at the Weymouth Centenary Club in Jubilee close where there's even free parking. (Areas of long grass and springtime wildflowers in Radipole gardens.) We'll also be joined by nature expert Sam Hamer...

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