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Weymouth Neighbourhood plan

Don’t Miss Out; Community Wise We Can All Make a Difference; 2022

So often you see folk grumbling about this and that, especially on social media. Well, hows about this. Add your voice! Social media is a mixed blessing, but without doubt it helps reach so many more people in the community. I know there's some out there who don't have the technology, the knowhow, or even the will to use it, that's why face to face consultations are also being held....

Mike, Stuart and Dave pruning Radipole community orchard 2022

Community…That’s What its all About; Pruning Radipole Community Orchard

We had a fantastic turn out at our Pruning Radipole Community Orchard. The three beaming amigos you see below are Friends of Radipole Park & Gardens. Why do they look so happy? Have they discovered a pot of gold? Maybe found it takes only three men to lift a long pole? No they've found something way, way better. Volunteers!...

Radipole community orchard 2021

Welcome to our Free Radipole Community Orchard; 10 Years On and Still Going Strong.

It's that time of year again, the sun sinks lower, leaves start to fall, fruits ripen. Had a mooch through our community orchard today, to see what's available. Fruit, nuts and berries dotted here and there, plenty of wildlife feasting on the fallers and fruits in the trees, especially enjoying the bumper crop of golden crabapples. These small, apple-like fruits might be sharp to the tongue but can be used in so many ways, from jellies to liquors. [caption id="attachment_17047" align="aligncenter" width="633"] Mallus Butterball Radipole community orchard 2021 ©Sue Hogben[/caption] If you like something a bit different, the mix of sharp and sweet why not try scrummy Crabapple toffee...

Weymouth & Portland Pride by the Seaside; Radipole Park

Our green spaces should be safe for everyone to visit, relax and enjoy the outdoors, a place where no one should feel excluded, isolated, intimidated or threatened by others. That is the case this coming weekend, everyone's welcomed to what will be a kaleidoscope of colour, people, stalls, lively entertainment and a stage packed with performances, and it's all happening in Weymouth's Radipole park. Weymouth & Portland's first annual Pride event Pride by the Seaside. It's a time when we can all come together and 'celebrate equality and diversity in our community.' Great to see so many Weymouth businesses behind this event...

Some Knock You Down…Others Pick You Up. Weymouth’s Wonderful Community.

As you might know from the lengthy ramblings on our Radipole gardens Face Book pages and a sizeable piece in the Dorset Echo this week. Our beautiful Radipole Gardens was hit during late last Saturday night by some mindless person/people, who for some unknown reason left a trail of damage through our beautiful gardens. The main notice board took the biggest hit...

Take a Walk on the Wildside; Fun and Frolics in Radipole Gardens

Things are coming together nicely now for our next event in Radipole Gardens on Saturday 4th May 11-3pm.   Working in partnership with Natural Choices, Stepping into Nature and Active Ageing our wildlife event this year is going to be bigger and better. It's long been known that time spent in the great outdoors has many benefits. Communing with nature, wildlife and a bit of tree hugging never did anyone any harm. In fact it's been proven to be not only beneficial for our physical but also mental health. This years event has so much to offer people of all ages, all interests and activity levels and its free...

How You Can Help Us Build Our Sensory Garden Without a Trug or Trowel in Sight

As a Friends group we hold events nearly all year round for all manner of reasons. One is to get people coming along and enjoy our beautiful park and gardens, you'd be surprised at how many that attend our events have absolutely no idea the gardens are here. (That also includes people who have driven past the avenue of trees lining Radipole Park Drive many times!) A lot of our events are completely free for everyone to enjoy such as the Halloween Hoolie and Cider Apple Pressing that we have just run in the gardens, where children and their parents/grandparents could come along and participate in all...

Fascinating; Discover Radipole Park & Gardens links to WWI and WWII

Discover Radipole Park & Gardens links to WWI and WWII In a couple of weeks time we will be hosting our annual Big Fun Day, only this year is a very special one. Last winter we received the exciting news that we had got though stage I of or £1,4000,000 Parks for People Heritage Lottery Bid. That's no mean feat either. It has taken our Chair, Mike Goulden literally thousands of hours of work to put together our submission, working alongside members of W&P borough council. It ended in a humungous volume of facts, figures, history of, social history, ecological study...

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