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people admiring crocus walk in Radipole gardens Feb 2019

Can a Good Old Stomp Be Good for You? Wellbeing in Nature.

When running events in Radipole gardens, we invite along people that complement our ethos, such was the case when we organised our Wildlife & Wellbeing event back in in May. One of the ladies who attended that day, Emma Pritchard, led people on a 'stomp' through the gardens. Being a great believer in the power of nature to help heal mind and body, what she spoke about really resonated with me. We often see groups walking through our gardens, enjoying the sounds, smells, sights of nature and of course the company of others. A study undertaken by researchers at Michigan University, found that joining in group...

Hands Up for a Picnic in the Park; with a Spot of Wildlife and Wellbeing?

Hands Up for a Picnic in the Park We're just putting together the last few bits for this year's Wildlife event here in beautiful Radipole gardens. This is an event for everyone of all ages to enjoy, whether you love nature, being in the outdoors, having fun or taking part in a fitness sessions. It's all here....

How You Can Help Us Build Our Sensory Garden Without a Trug or Trowel in Sight

As a Friends group we hold events nearly all year round for all manner of reasons. One is to get people coming along and enjoy our beautiful park and gardens, you'd be surprised at how many that attend our events have absolutely no idea the gardens are here. (That also includes people who have driven past the avenue of trees lining Radipole Park Drive many times!) A lot of our events are completely free for everyone to enjoy such as the Halloween Hoolie and Cider Apple Pressing that we have just run in the gardens, where children and their parents/grandparents could come along and participate in all...

Nurture Nature and Welcome Wildlife to Weymouth

Our next event is one that is packed with something for people of all ages and all interests in nature and wildlife. Not only how we can help them but they help us. [caption id="attachment_340" align="alignnone" width="800"] Poster for the Nurture Nature and Welcome Wildlife event being held in Weymouth Radipole Gardens 14th April 2018.[/caption] Come along and meet many of the experts in their field and those volunteers who beaver away caring for local wildlife such as Hayley from Hayley's Hedgehog Rescue. Some of the other groups attending include the Dorset Mammal Group, Dorset Butterfly Conservation, Dorset Dragonflies and the Dorset Field Officer for Amphibians and Reptiles. Dorset...

Nurture Nature is on a Roll and Wildlife Will Win.

Even though we're supposed to be on the cusp of Spring, I'm sat here at my desk, clad in multiple layers, gas fires blasting out much welcome warmth, the Easterly winds's howling a hoolie and snow lies deep on the ground. Yet there is more to come so they say from this Beast from the East. I take heart though from the fact that in 6 weeks time the sun will be a'shining, the weather will be kind and bestow great warmth on our Nurture Nature and Welcome Wildlife event. ********* So grab a warming cuppa Settle down by a blazing fire. Sneak an early hot cross bun If that's what you...

A Walk in the Park

So fed up with the grey and gloomy days, it was literally a breath of fresh air to see the sun in the sky once more. Garbed in numerous layers of warm clothing it was time to venture forth and see what's happening down in the gardens. The first things that caught my eye were the little crocus braving the cold winds, though it maybe wasn't quite warm enough to persuade them to open fully. But as anyone knows...

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