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carved pumpkin

Autumn’s Harvest Apples & Pumpkins; Radipole Gardens Carves and Creates.

There’s so much going on to tell you all about that I really don’t know where to start, but I guess our next event might be a good place to begin.

Though this year might be drawing its cosy curtains around the park and gardens, that doesn’t stop us hardy bunch from putting on a last few proverbial acts.

Why not come along and join us for a couple of hours fun pumpkin carving on Saturday 19th October 2-4.30. Lets see what great designs you can create.


Make sure you arrive early as there’s free pumpkins to be had for all you early birds out there.

Halloween hoolie Radipole gardens 2018(Pumpkin carving was very popular last year)

Or try your hand at biscuit icing, we had some fantastic designs created last year, though some mights have gone away with themselves more highly decorated than the biscuits.

I think they must have tasted pretty good too (the biscuits that is…not the children! wicked witchy cackle), sadly no one offered me one for my judgement.

Halloween biscuits sm

Jon Orrell will be back with his apple press to extract those golden liquids from your harvested apples.

Bring them all, fresh from the trees, fallers, bruised they all go in and golden nectar oozes out. Great for cider and wine making, if you manage to get any of it home that is.

Cider Apple Pressing Radipole gardens Jon Orrell

Everyone had great fun last year, young and old, working the press and reaping its delectable rewards.

Until you’ve tried freshly squeezed apples…you haven’t lived!

P.S. Don’t forget your containers to take it home in, if it lasts that long that is.

There will be hot chocolate and cakes on offer to warm the cockles…so come join us in the great outdoors, good for the body, soothing for the soul.



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