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play equipment Radipole park November 2023

Exciting Times; Rising from the Ground; November 2023 Lottery Updates

Rising from the Ground

Have to say our Lottery project in Radipole Park & Gardens has been a real test of patience and optimism.

Eight long years in the making.

Literally thousands of pages of submissions during phases I and II. Hours and hours of meetings. Endless resources for research of its past history.

During that time we have battled, covid, price hikes, value engineering, resubmission to Lottery panel…and now the weather!

But finally, things are emerging above ground, albeit a bit wet.


New play equipment going up in Radipole park November 2023


The new play equipment starting to be set in place.

We’ve had more than a few witty comments on social media as to what the pieces could be.


play equipment Radipole park November 2023


The one I had to chuckle at was a parent asking if the piece with steel bars was where they could confiscate their offspring while they had a nice quiet cuppa at kiosk.

Bet that’s one use the manufacturers hadn’t contemplated!


new play equipment Radipole park 2023


Can’t wait to see it all finished.

We’ve been looking at these designs on paper for what feels like an eternity, but that’s nothing like seeing it in the flesh so to speak.


installation new play equipment Radipole park 2023


Now these things are visible to those folk passing by, but what they might not be able to see is other works that have taken place.

The closed off paths at the back of the sports courts being reinstated.


New path Radipole park 2023


No longer uneven and dangerous with great tree roots breaking through its surface, causing it to be shut off.


Closed off walkway Radipole park

      Closed off walkway Radipole park 



The new tennis courts nearing completion.


new tennis courts Radipole park


Opening up of what was once Radipole’s jewel in the crown, their 1930’s Exhibition court area, once confined behind hedges to keep prying eyes away.

This will be the new MUGA area with basketball and football.



Who knows, in future we might even get exhibitions of basketball, with its original raised seating area accommodating spectators, just like the tennis matches that once packed out Radipole’s court.


Tennis match 1953 in Exhibition court Radipole gardens

Tennis match 1953 in Exhibition court Radipole gardens; Donald Budge, Dinny Pails, F Segura and Pancho Gonzales.


It might have been a long old time in coming, but we can see it’s finally rising from the ground, exciting times on the horizon.

All we need now is a bit of sunshine.


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