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How You Can Help Us Build Our Sensory Garden Without a Trug or Trowel in Sight

As a Friends group we hold events nearly all year round for all manner of reasons. One is to get people coming along and enjoy our beautiful park and gardens, you'd be surprised at how many that attend our events have absolutely no idea the gardens are here. (That also includes people who have driven past the avenue of trees lining Radipole Park Drive many times!) A lot of our events are completely free for everyone to enjoy such as the Halloween Hoolie and Cider Apple Pressing that we have just run in the gardens, where children and their parents/grandparents could come along and participate in all...

Nurture Nature Reaps Benefits in Radipole Gardens

Keen to know what's happening in my surrounding area, I have to confess that I follow a lot of local Facebook groups. On one particular page there was an ongoing, somewhat heated, debate about why hadn't the council got out and cut the grass in community areas. As it so happened, a few days previous I had been sat opposite the lady who is in charge of the Weymouth parks and she was on the phone to someone who was also questioning why the grass cutters weren't out and about. She was patiently trying to explain that due to the prolonged spell of wet weather we had...

Nurture Nature and Welcome Wildlife to Weymouth

Our next event is one that is packed with something for people of all ages and all interests in nature and wildlife. Not only how we can help them but they help us. [caption id="attachment_340" align="alignnone" width="800"] Poster for the Nurture Nature and Welcome Wildlife event being held in Weymouth Radipole Gardens 14th April 2018.[/caption] Come along and meet many of the experts in their field and those volunteers who beaver away caring for local wildlife such as Hayley from Hayley's Hedgehog Rescue. Some of the other groups attending include the Dorset Mammal Group, Dorset Butterfly Conservation, Dorset Dragonflies and the Dorset Field Officer for Amphibians and Reptiles. Dorset...

Beat Winter Blues…Bring Back Brass Bands!

With the Beast from the East looming ever closer, maybe it's time to warm ourselves up with memories of far warmer weather and vivid green parks. The Friends committee are geared up to holding an event every month of the year and this years are almost in the bag. Just a few are remaining bits and pieces to firm up on, minor details and final dates. (Check out our our event calendar here https://radipoleparkandgardensfriends.wordpress.com/events-2018-2/) In the past, one thing that many parks were renown for was music. It's where the public went to immerse themselves in the cheerful melodies of the local town band or toe tapping to the...

Bringing Wildlife and Nature into the Park

One of our aims is to make concerted efforts to attract more wildlife and bring more nature into Radipole park and gardens. There are benefits for both them and us. If we succeed (fingers and toes firmly crossed)  with stage II of our Heritage Lottery Bid, we have plans to create a bog garden area and a sensory garden. As part of that scheme, this coming Spring, on Saturday 14th April, one of our events will be  a Wildlife and Nature Day in the gardens. This is will be a fun day for everyone, there will be something to enjoy for the whole family, of all ages and...

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