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Radipole playpark Lottery project old playground 2023

Sadness; The End of an Era…But…New Exciting Times to Look Forwards To. 2023

End of an era…Exciting times ahead.


As my old mum would say, you have to crack a few eggs to make an omelette.

Such is the case now.


Radipole playpark Lottery project old playground 2023

play park being dismantled July 2023 © One of our young fans Eva


For me personally, it’s the sight of the old yachting/paddling pool being removed that I have so many wonderful childhood memories of.

Trying to sail a beaten-up, woodworm riddled old boat that dad had rescued from the Darch family secondhand shop, which inevitably stranded mid pool, meaning I’d have to wade in, lethal as it was with its green slimy bottom.


Boating/paddling pool Radipole park 1940's

Radipole playing fields 25 jun1940.© Weymouth museum


In hot summers us kids using it as a paddling pool, still that slimy bottom, but hey-ho, all part of the fun.

And I know there’s many of you out there who experienced the same watery thrills.


Radipole playpark 1940's ©Weymouth museum

Radipole playpark 1940’s ©Weymouth museum


The original tall slide from which I fell head first onto the concrete surround, maybe not such good memories.

Then my own children, and grandchildren who’d love a trip to our local park.



The original Radipole park paddling pool wall from the 1940's

The original paddling pool wall from the 1940’s ©Sue Hogben


Boxing day when the whole family would take a stroll after feasting on way too much food.

Surprising how much adults still enjoy a play park!

Interestingly enough, during the many consultations we did with visual displays of new play equipment, quite a few golden oldies commented how they’d love to have a go.

This golden oldie is with them all the way there.

I’m sure many of you will have your own memories of the play park, and we’d love to hear them, they’ll go into our living histories for future prosperity.

Got photos of you, your family, or even old ones of your relatives at the play park you’d be willing to share?

Even better.


Play park Radipole park 2021

Exciting times ahead; Play park Radipole park 2021 © Sue Hogben


But that’s the past now, eggs well and truly cracked.

It’ll be on to the delicious omelette.

Exciting times ahead.

Something for families of the future to make their own childhood, (and maybe adult) memories.


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